Extreme 18X Soap Berry Shampoo

Extreme 18X Soap Berry Shampoo

TRULY Natural Hair and Scalp Care without the toxic chemicals.

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Healthy Personal Care Products

Healthy Personal Care Products

Non-toxic, natural ingredients safe for entire family.

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Soap Berries

Soap Berries

Foaming nut-berry: natural alternative to chemical-laden laundry soap.

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Herbal Tinctures & Essential Oils

Herbal Tinctures & Essential Oils

Wild-crafted, pure and natural medicinal remedies.

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Canyon Rim

Healthy Living Store

Products for Health, Nutrition, Wellness

We focus on bringing you carefully selected products that are healthy, organic or natural alternatives. We seek out local, US-made, independent, craft suppliers who are as passionate about making their products as we are in using them and who are willing to fully disclose the ingredients of the products they make.

Shop with confidence that Canyon Rim's products are free of toxic chemicals & full of nourishment for body and soul.

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Healthy choices. Healthy living. Canyon Rim Healthy Living.

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Testimonials for Canyon Rim Products

NaturOli Shampoo

I have been using NaturOli’s wonderful shampoo for months now and will never go back to the harsh products I was using before.
Bobbi P., San Carlos, CA

I use NaturOli hair shampoo for myself, and all I have to say: where have you been all my life?
Margaret S., Loyal Customer

Awesome products that we can use with peace of mind, knowing that there are no hidden dangers as in most other products. 
Bev A., Boca Raton, FL

Wise Mountain Botanicals

“Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Cold and Flu Away Formula helped me heal the respiratory symptoms that often in the past turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. It took only a few days to to recover while using it. It was just the right formula for me.”  
Donna – Mount Shasta, CA

“I recently lost my cat of 16 years and found the pain of loss unbearable. That’s when my son told me about and brought me some of Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Lose Those Blues tonic tincture. I was skeptical at first, but I noticed a positive swing in my mood within a few hours of taking a dose and now I’m finding that I’m needing to use it less and less to cope. Great stuff, many thanks.” 
Susan, CA


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